Installation of sod can turn your landscape in to a instant perfect yard.  Consider the requirements to installing sod, shade issues, soil preparation, irrigation, slope, foot traffic, and lawn maintenance practices all play an important part in developing the perfect yard. 

Sod Installation Process

1.  Measuring the Area:

Determining the correct square footage and amount of sod is critical.  We want to install the sod all in the same process to ensure correct installation and look of the area.

2.  Test the Soil:

While most of our soil is red clay, we may need to lime and add soil amendments to ensure proper growth of new grass.

3.  Prepare the Soil:

This is the most critical part of installing sod.  Grading, tilling, and raking are just some of the things to consider when preparing the area for sod.  While this can sometimes be a lengthily process once complete, your landscape and grass will thrive for years to come.

4.  Install the Sod:

We will order and deliver the sod to the site.  After soil preparation, we then will install each sod section in rows length ways to make sure soil is not exposed.  After installing we will water to promote growth of new sod.  We will then arrange to come back in the next few weeks to roll the new areas to keep sod level and proper root attachment to the soil.  

5.  Watering your new lawn:

We need to keep the new sod moist, but not to over water.  Over watering  can injure the new sod and create soft spots the will change the level of newly prepped areas.  Proper watering practice will guarantee growth of newly installed grass.

6.  Maintaining your new lawn:

Whether you plan on mowing your new lawn, or decided to hire us to maintain the landscape.  Irrigation, fertilization, weed controls, bug prevention, sod rolling, and aeration. Are some of the things to consider when installing sod.  

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Sod Installation:

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